3 Secrets I Discovered to Make My Computer Faster

Did you ever experience times when you were using your computer, and out of the blue your computer starts to run sluggishly, taking long periods of lawn time to load applications that once took a little time? Is your computer freezing or even giving it a blue screen of death? Well if you’re a Windows PC user, you’ll know what this is like. Let me share with you some of my experience in finding ways to make my computer faster.

  1. Defragging the hard drive

After using your PC for a while, you might notice your computer is running slow. This is caused mainly because files get moved, deleted, and uninstalled frequently. This is regular use, and you can start by using some already installed defrag software. This is usually located in your program files, accessories, system tools, and defragmenter tool directory on your computer if you’re using Windows. This application improves the efficiency of your disc access speed and makes your PC run smoother. It usually runs up to 20% faster after you defrag.

Any time your PC runs slowly, there could be more severe factors working against you in the background. At the heart of the computer system, is what is called “the registry”. That is the section of your Windows operating system which has important information in relation to file structure, linking, driver files, and critical root communication that is vital to your PCs functionality.

  1. Registry checker software

Having a good registry checker is a very good utility to keep on hand. Running PC registry repair software is usually a snap, and the best registry cleaners can scan, diagnose, and fix your registry in minutes with the click of a button. Be aware, however, that all registry cleaners are not created equal. Some of these registry software’s can delete files that are necessary for windows to run properly, and can sometimes make things worse. It is always good to do a little research to find good registry software to safely repair your computer.

  1. Updated Windows version

Keeping my Windows version up to date I discovered is a really great way to make my computer faster. Microsoft has updated their own operating system so Windows OS works faster. If you get a PC with the Windows operating system as old as Windows 98, you might experience problems getting software to be downward compatible with the Windows 98 registry.

Windows XP is getting old , and it would be a good thing to pick a Windows XP registry cleaner which is known to be reliable with Windows XP.

If you ever get a number of PCs with various Windows versions, it’s a good idea to get an upward and also downward compatible registry cleaner which effectively addresses issues with older Windows versions and also upward to Vista and also Windows 7, the newest Windows version.

If you use a Pc, you will need to run Windows. And also if you run Windows you are definitely going to require a good registry checker to address the issue of the operating system getting clogged. A top rated registry checker is what I mainly used to make my computer faster, and also is what I’d recommend before upgrading one’s hardware. Most of these extra costs are not an option when your home PC has errors.