4 Tips to Kill Enemies in Video Games

Here in this article, we will provide an information for our reader about how to kill the enemy in the IGI Project Games. This is an amazing guide which you cannot find elsewhere. Below are some steps which can be followed to achieve the certain objective.

First of all, you must go to the Project IGI installed folder you got from http://projectigigame.com . Here you have to find the ai folder as common/ai. Secondly, create the backup folder which also included the files like “civilian.qvm”,”guard.qvm” – enemy names. In next step go for the copy and paste these files same in the folder. Now change the name of the template files. After this go for the rename of the civilian.qvm files as well.

After adopting above mention point now your enemies will not able to shoot at you and. And you can easily pass the missions.

Third level tip

This is the guide for third level tip where you can find the guidance about how to shot the enemy from the distance in this situation that your opponent can’t see you. Like when you are in the mountains and want to hit the enemies once or more than once. This is the trick which you can use to kill the enemy by keeping yourself safe. Target the enemy from the mountain in this scenario the soldier realizes you are on the top of the mountain they will come out and run to the mountain. You just go back and from the start position and kill from the back.

Easier kills

In case if you want to kill the enemy in the situation to keep you on the safer side just you have to press the space and look the enemy which should be away from you about 200m. Ak47 weapons will help you in this position to kill the enemy.

Shoot through floor

Sometimes there is guard stand on the tower or on the roof you can kill them first and then from the tower, you can go for further killing.