Android mobile phones–Smart features and specifications

4g mobiles are the latest in the cellular technology. Information can be downloaded at lightning speed. Windows phones are no longer being supported. So, the competition is largely between Android mobile phones and iPhones.

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Also, make sure you only look at 4g mobiles. 4g mobiles are faster and better than the older 3g mobiles. Even if you have a 3g SIM, make sure to buy mobile handsets that support 4g.


Before we start comparing android mobile phones with iPhones, let us look at some major facts.

Android mobile phones are largely 4g budget phones whereas iPhones are just coming out with some budget mobile handsets.

Android mobile phones and iPhones both have great mobile phone offers that can be availed of online.

The top trending mobiles from both Android and iPhone are more or less at the same price. Brands like Google and Samsung’s phones cost just as much as iPhones.

Both Android and iOS support 4G and have a great app store.

While most of the apps on the Google play store are free, the Apple app store usually offers paid apps or apps that have in-app purchases. This distinction is true but Apple definitely has the edge as all the apps are secure and well-designed.

The best 4g mobiles right now that run Android and iOS are good but the iOS is better by a vast margin. This is Apple makes sure that all the software runs lag-free.

Another thing that people are usually concerned about is data security. The third-party apps on Android collect a lot of data and your location even when you are not using the app. Apple, on the other hand asks and reminds you that certain apps are collecting specific information.

The good thing about Android mobiles is that it is very easy to code for making it a paradise for developers. There is even an option on all handsets wherein you can go into developer’s mode. iOS apps, however, are more sophisticated and require rigorous quality checks before they can make it to the app store.

Although Android mobiles run the latest software, there is still a noticeable lag as compared to iPhones. iPhones run very smoothly and their unlocking takes a few microseconds.

The mobile phone offers us all a great way to remain in touch for both business and personal use. Every year, new features and specifications are being added to the top trending mobiles right now will not remain trending by the end of the year. The fight between Android mobiles and iPhones has been going on for quite some time and it is actually beneficial for consumers. This competition pushes them to create better mobile handsets and 4g budget phones without compromising on the quality of the phone.

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