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Do Security Cameras Give a False Sense of Security or Really Make You Feel Safer?

Technology has provided us with security cameras to provide security to the property and the inhabitants. They record everything and the recording when constantly monitored, with a quick response from the police if required, makes us feel safer. The only thing to keep in mind is to keep the surveillance system updated so that the hackers don’t succeed in creating a backdoor password.

Security Cameras: The First Layer of Security

Security is all about layers and the security cameras provide the first layer, which is at times more psychological in nature. Security cameras cannot keep the intruder out, but they can definitely provide a psychological deterrent. Knowing that they are recorded on a camera, many petty thieves won’t dare to intrude. The security cameras thus act as a catalyst in persuading the thief or an intruder to look for some other place, which can be an easy target for them. They would definitely not want their activities to be recorded on camera and get into unnecessary trouble of getting caught or getting their identity revealed.

Security Cameras as Crime Deterrents

In apartments, the thefts often happen in broad daylight and it’s the people like maids and drivers who commit or help in committing these thefts. The security cameras, when installed in apartments, help in keeping a track of everyone who went in and came out.

Child abuse is another crime that is on the rise and parents feel scared to send their children alone for playing. If the areas of the apartment are monitored by security cameras, then parents would definitely feel safer. The children can easily go down to common areas and play.

As stated earlier, security cameras cannot stop the crime, so in case some unfortunate incident happens in spite of taking all precautions, then the recordings of these cameras can be utilized by the agencies to probe further. They can use these recordings to nab the culprits and figure out how they committed a crime. These recordings are of big help in investigations and can be used as proof in legal proceedings.

The technology today is so evolved that the powerful surveillance cameras now are capable of capturing sharp images. Forget about clear days, they can also capture these images in darkness, fog, and rain.  If set up properly in strategic points in right numbers and maintained and monitored properly, they can definitely make one feel safer and certainly don’t give a false sense of security.