Freelance Researchers

How Freelance Researchers can Get Involved in Computer Science Projects

There’s no worse feeling than sitting on your bachelor’s degree and doing nothing with your career. Fortunately, we have the internet, which means there are literally hundreds of opportunities staring you right in the face.

Looking to work for that dream Silicon Valley startup? The first step is building out your portfolio and your talents. One way a computer science major could accomplish this is by pursuing freelance work in their free time.

Freelance provides the autonomy to pursue other ventures in your life while developing your skills as a programmer. Freelancers can work on vacation without having to sacrifice pay and can take breaks whenever they choose. There’s a reason so many people choose freelance over full-time salary.

Some people remain so active with their freelance work they end up making more money than a full-time salaried data analysts. We’re going to discuss a few ways you can leverage your IT know-how to advance your career and some excellent resources where you can start.

Freelance Resources

If you found this article then you’ve already accomplished the first step, which is searching for websites to find freelance gigs. First, you’ll need to research firms that actually offer jobs related to your focus. A data analysts doesn’t always know code.

Upwork and Peopleperhour are some of the best websites on the internet specializing in freelance computer programmer jobs. You can also search over Monster or any job listings page and filter down your search to freelance or part time. If you apply for a part time job make it known you want to work from home on a conditional basis.

Remember these few key things:

  • Keep building up your portfolio and resume
  • Follow the contractor’s guidelines
  • You don’t always have to settle for low compensation
  • Keep applying, freelance can be very competitive

One idea you might not have thought of is simply asking other freelancers and people in the industry for opportunities. They can point you in the right direction and even offer advice on strategies they took to pad up their resume and improve their individual careers.

One important step not to overlook is personal branding or developing your own job profile. The tech industry typically looks for highly qualified people with skills, which makes advertising your skills very important. Create your own website and build out your LinkedIn profile to showcase your work. You could even blog or invite people to link back to your profile to build some connections and your online visibility.

Start your own Project

With enough experience, I always recommend looking toward starting your own project instead of trying to to be a part of someone else’s. Of course this requires having a vision, but it’s also more fulfilling than working under someone else’s guidelines.

With enough experience and some help from the SBA you could apply for grants to fund any research you want to conduct. Consider leveraging a grants management system to help you secure funding for your own research.

If you’re looking to build out a disruptive company than lean towards venture or seed funding. These individuals will also provide you with the advice necessary to build out a sustainable business model.

The biggest perk of starting your own company is that you can still work from home. But, you’ll need a physical address and phone number, which makes the case for renting out a virtual office.

Consider this. When you need help building out your business, how satisfying will it feel when you’re on the other end of those job listing websites.

Technology continues to grow at an exponential rate and for those of you involved in computer science, you’re likely on your way to a fulfilling and affluent career.