Hyetis Crossbow The 41 Megapixel SmartWatch

Nokia’s latest Lumia 1020 Smartphone has got serious 41-Megapixel camera skills, but there comes a smartwatch that does too. Here comes Hyetis Crossbow, the intelligent timepiece with the 41-megapixel sensor of its own. Swiss company Hyetis has revealed its titanium-cased smartwatch with an eye-popping 41-megapixel camera bulging out of the top of it, that also packs a ring flash and a noise cancelling microphone for shooting video by pointing your arm too.

Hyetis Crossbow: The Smartwatch that connects to Smart devices:

Under the sapphire crystal-fronted touchscreen, there’s Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth stuffed in for connectivity, plus GPS and even biometric and temperature sensors are available in this Smartwatch. Hyetis is also promising that the watch can hook up with iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8, letting you control the phone in your pocket straight from your watch. The Crossbow has a very small,12 mm mechanical movement built-in alongside a number of smartwatch features including accelerometer and altimeters. Hyetis Crossbow has two batteries built in, so you can record you can record everything using the built-in camera. If you are tempted by Crossbow you’ll have to spend huge money, it costs around $1,200 which is almost as much as new flagship smartphones can cost,


however, if you are dreaming for a watch like this then you can pre-order this watch. The Crossbow will ship in December 2013 and you can pre-order the watch.

Specifications for Hyetis Crossbow:




Some of the features of Hyetis Crossbow:




High definition camera with optimised selection of pixels variable definition


Lens with optical Zoom




HD Microphone








Tactile sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment


High definition LCD Dial


Twin battery pack


Biometric sensor devices


Pairing with Smartphones running iOS/Android/Windows 8


Automatic winding by rotor


power reserve 48h


Frequency 28800 alt/h


size 12 1/2


You can purchase Hyetis Crossbow if you are willing to pay $ 1,200 for a Smartwatch.