Li-Fi: Technology That Can Replace The Wi-Fi

Have you ever thought that light can replace Wi-Fi? If the answer is “no”, please know that this idea is not new and many researchers are focusing their efforts on it – that commitment may result in a revolutionary technology.

The greatest difficulty so far is the fact that the data are transmitted via “flashes”, so that a burning lamp represent the pattern “1” and the deleted “0”. However, conventional lighting homes and offices is too slow to be used in this manner.

Because of this, researchers are required to use a millimeter LEDs, which are very expensive and take up a relatively large space. Thus, the data transmission light ends up being very difficult to use.

Despite this major obstacle, the team of Researchers led by Professor Martin Dawson got very Significant advances. They are using LEDs That are a thousand times smaller than a millimeter, Which changes a lot.

You may think That only makes this more difficult the job, but these lamps may flash at a frequency thousand times greater than other LEDs and occupy a thousand times smaller – ie, the efficiency is much higher.

To give you a better idea, the “chip” made of light with these microLEDs can be a million times more powerful than a chip made with LED lamps of a millimeter – all this is due to the size and speed of new product. And so the cam Li-Fi

The winning team of Prof. Dawson Began to allow the Existence of a technology called Li-Fi – the first syllable comes from the word “Light” – Which can replace the Wi-Fi in the near future.

Furthermore, the use of microLED Prevents human eyes is disturbed by the winks, As They can not capture the speed at Which They occur. Now we can only wait to find out When this novelty will start to hit the market.Related Posts