Rule for Succeeding With AdSense

The Golden Rule for Succeeding With AdSense

AdSense does not need an introduction here. Everyone knows this modern marvel which has made possible billions earn billions. Almost every other blogger today joins AdSense for earning money online. But how many of you actually succeed? I mean even if you are getting a 100$ check every 2 months or so, do you call it the success? I don’t think so. Websites and Blogs today earn in thousands of dollars per month!, for example, earns a whopping 2,00,000$ per month!!! What is the “Golden Rule” that gave these SUPER BLOGS the success they have today?

There are more than one for sure, and the list is ever growing. But one “Golden Rule” which, you can call, the first step in moving towards success with AdSense is selecting your “NICHE” properly and writing about it. What I mean to say is that your blog should be targeted to a particular audience and not to the whole world.

Google’s advertising is very simple. It does not imply very strict rules on allowing blogs to enroll for AdSense. And it shows targeted ads on your blogs. But for success, the word “TARGETED” needs to be understood.

Once you start your blog about a particular thing, write articles related only to that particular topic. For example, I write articles on this blog about earning money online, affiliate marketing, earning traffic, blogging tips, cool gadgets to have on your blog, etc. But I stick to the same topic. I don’t write about the latest century which Ricky Ponting scored against England at Lord’s!!!

Why Is This Important?

As the content of your blog increases day by day, the matching of Ads displayed by Google on your blog also increases and the ads displayed are very similar to your posts and keywords you have used in your blog. So a visitor searching for affiliate marketing article will get ads referring to other sites offering this in which the visitor will definitely interested in and the chances of him clicking on the ad increase many folds.

So friends writing articles related to your niche is of utmost importance for generating decent revenue from AdSense. According to me, this is the most important thing to increase your earnings. Don’t agree with me? Do let me know what you feel is the most important thing to do to earn money.