Top 3 Laptops by HP

HP is the most renowned company which is giving people best services. HP is famous for laptops, PCs and also the printers. There are three main laptops by HP. People rely on HP due to its best performance and quality assurance. HP is working greatly on the new technology and is exploring the world of innovations. All the laptops which are manufacturing by laptops have something special inside.

There was a time that HP was very famous due to one of its best printer named as HP Office Jet 4500 wireless printer. And now there is a time that HP is also covering a wider range of laptops. Below are given top 3 laptops by HP, have a look at them:

1.         HP TouchSmart 15-rdx

This is an affordable laptop which comes along with many fascinating features. In other laptops, you may find that their performance is not best whenever they cut down the price. But here you can find that the laptop has many features even it’s under 500 range.

This laptop will make you allow to use the 5th generation core i3 processor. And an addition of 6 GB ram will increase your interest in this laptop. Because along with this laptop either you do browsing, downloading or multi-tasking forget about lagging. Speed doesn’t mean to cooperate with the storage, therefore, you can get the 750 GB of the hard drive which will allow you to store whatever you want. So either you bring this to your office or to your class, this companion will not let you down at any place.

2.         HP Touchscreen Chrome book 14

If you are a chrome lover than it would be your best choice. This laptop reveals a lot about what is called excellence. Either you check it in terms of interference or you come with its working, in all directions, it will be fine. This laptop comes along with almost 8 hours of battery so it will not be a problem for you while you are travelling. Because the long battery will barely end up easily. Along with this, it has 4 GB of ram and a wider touchscreen display. All these features add value and push you towards using this laptop.

3.         New HP stream 11

HP is not only giving you the best things and best featuring but also it will give you the best style. You can have the charming and attractive laptop when you will click on HP stream 11. This Laptop has the capacity to grab your attention by first sight. You will really enjoy working with this laptop as it comes with 32 GB of Flash storage. It has 11.6’’ finest display that will offer you best resolution. Moreover, this laptop comes along with windows 10 and 2 GB of ram so now there isn’t any symptom of lagging.

These are only selected features of these laptops please visit the official website of HP to know about the features in detail. HP has the capacity to make fans by giving the best performance.