Unique Methods To Boost Your Blog’s Google PR Today

The traffic from Google isn’t just incredibly targeted, it is zero cost incredibly targeted and that means that when you don’t work to rank well within its pages, you’re absolutely giving up your seat at the table.

The algorithm Google uses to rank isn’t known to the public but we understand that it assigns a rank to each page to help determine that page’s position within the search results. The question you must ask yourself is “what is actually needed to raise up my pages within the search engine results?” This article will explore several things you can do to effectively increase your page ranking and offer you real results once you start to put them to use.

First, make sure to check that you provide a ton of well-written content posted on your blog. It should include images and videos and not be too short. A 700-word count or longer should be good enough.

Submit Articles to Directories: The internet is full of fantastic and highly targeted article directories that will help you find your way to a better page rank. These places are really effective in helping you raise the ranking of your pages because they allow you to submit content and then give you relevant backlinks for them.

In order to make the most out of this particular technique, you should be ready to consistently submit articles to various directories until you see results. Since few of these will give you automatic and instant approval it could take a while for the articles to be published and for your backlinks to go live.

Use Social Media: As the World Wide Web expands it is getting a lot more social and portals like Facebook and Twitter are becoming dominant players on the scene. This means that you can improve your page rank simply by participating in social sites like these. As an example, it’s a good idea to create social bookmarks through portals like Delicious and Digg as well as through comments left on highly ranked pages. There are numerous ways through which you can use social media to aid your website’s page rank growth, it’s just about how you do it.

Comment Intelligently: There are a lot of highly ranked blogs out there that can help you raise your own page rank if you leave comments on posts that are relevant. Of course, when it comes to commenting you can’t just go on a binge and comment on whichever blog you happen to find, be smart about things! It is important to aim for quality and not quantity because a comment left on a highly ranked blog that actually relates to your own blog is more helpful than one hundred comments left on blogs with low page ranks. It is a waste of time to leave comments willy-nilly; instead, focus on comments of high quality. Your approach to backlinking really does matter whether your focus is on creating them with comments or getting them in other ways.

Last but not the least; you should be patient when you’re trying to increase your site’s page rank because it’s something that doesn’t and won’t happen overnight. Practicing patience is helpful in every part of website building, not just in achieving higher page rankings. There is no software or scheme that will raise your page rank immediately, don’t fall for the people who try to sell you on this idea; the only thing that works is taking consistent and timely action.