What Genres Are Available As A Backing Track?

A backing track is suitable for many occasions. You might be having a karaoke night with your best friends or you might need to have some background music for a dance performance that you are going to be involved in.

This means that you need to select backing tracks which are extremely high quality. The volume of the backing track should be consistent all the way through and there should be no interference with the track such as hissing or popping sounds.

There is a wide selection of backing tracks genres that you can choose from. Which genres are available?

Pop Music

When you are performing as a singer in a nightclub, you will want to choose tracks that everyone knows, so the best thing to pick is music that is currently popular. You can purchase some fully-licensed tracks from the biggest pop stars on the planet today.

You might want to choose backing tracks from one artist. If you want a lot of variety, you can choose songs from different performers such as Beyoncé, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Jazz Music

If you need some downtempo instrumental music to provide ambience for your restaurant, you can choose music that was used to back crooners such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. This creates a relaxing mood and will encourage your customers to stay inside the restaurant for as long as they possibly can.

The relaxing jazz music can also be played in shopping centres and stores. This music is extremely relaxing and will put people in a good mood instantly. You can change the playlist every few weeks, so that repeat customers will always have new music in the background and they will not become irritated by hearing the same tracks over and over again.

Rock Music

Sometimes you will want your bar to have a lively atmosphere. This means that you should think about choosing some rock music backing tracks. This will allow people to sing along to lots of different tracks from the likes of Oasis and Metallica.

You can change the music every few weeks so that regular customers do not get bored of hearing the same music often.

Dance Music

You might be giving a dance recital, or you might need some energetic music for a party. You can add your own lyrics and sing over the top of the music. This will help to get the adrenaline flowing and everyone will have as much fun as possible.

R&B And Hip Hop Music

R&B and hip hop tracks make great backing music for a live performance. You might want to choose music by the likes of Usher and 50 Cent. Or you might want to choose music from another era such as Marvin Gaye or The Mac Band. These tracks will allow you to put on a great performance.

Choosing the right backing track is easy because there are so many genres to choose from.