Who is Ismail Sirdah?

Ismail Sirdah is not just a name, but instead, it’s a brand in the industry of photography and entertainment. He is now the owner of Lulu Promotions and Music, which is a big brand itself. And this is the company which has brought forward many of the neglected Latin and other Hispanic artists to show their skills. This company is generally responsible for the events of Alexis y Fido, Prince Royce, 24 Horas, Hector El Torito Acosta, Jowell and Randy, Zion and Lenox, and Omega. And without any doubt, his company is really a popular one with a large number of fans.

Lulu Promotions and Music

There is no other company in South East America as a big as this one. The venues which are chosen by Lulu Promotions and Music are also an example of state of art with the surety of decent environment and a large number of people attending a concert or any other event. And this all is made possible by the abilities and decisions of Ismail Sirdah who has gained his popularity and trust by providing what people really wants to see on stage. And that does not mean that Ismail Sirdah is just some experienced businessman which has made him so much successful, but he also has a degree in promotion management. So, in short, he has all the necessary knowledge and experience for his business. Besides this, if you ever wanted to taste best Mexican food in South-east then Ismail Sirdah also owns a restaurant.

El Matador Restaurant

El Matador is known to provide you with the perfect taste of Mexican cuisine. Many of the celebrities especially visit this restaurant in order to get themselves delighted with such an authentic taste. Besides all this Ismail Sirdah is also a photographer, and his photos are just near to reality, which is sure a tough task to represent something as real as possible making it beautiful. As for the backgrounds, it is the most important thing which could catch the attention of people. So nowadays many photographers want to form a background of their own in an artificial way. Well, that is not easy as well, because forming a perfect and realistic background may cost you with thousands of dollars for just a just a single photo. Well, Ismail Sirdah has some amazing ideas to put a great effect in your photo.

Photography Background Ideas

First one is to create some effects on the back of the wall, like try to add some bright colours with the help of different things like some balloons, decoration items etc. Furthermore try to hang different stuff made from colourful papers by the ceiling, as this would surely put a genuine effect on your pictures. Moreover, if you want to make your pictures more attractive then you should try some background near to you, like a bricked wall, or just some simple painted wall which could match with other objects in your photo. Even natural views are for sure a great idea like an old tree or fallen trunk of any old tree etc. And these are the common and cheap ideas to make your pictures eye-catching.