Why Should Your Team Use Shared Inbox?

Technology advances very fast nowadays, and it isn’t usually that something lasts for a long time. Social media and some programs are constantly updated in order to still stay on the market, but when it comes to emails, the changes have been minimal. Shared inbox platforms are an improved way of sharing content, and a way for a group to use a single mailbox.

Everything depends on what kind of business you are running, but usually, there are options that work best for your employees and for your clients. You are just syncing email accounts to the platform in order to have a better way of communication. What feature a certain share inbox platform has depends on the program. But, in the future, we can expect that companies will use them more as technology improves.

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Why People Still Use Emails?

Emails have been here for a long time, and it is difficult to change something that is used all over the internet. When you want to make an account you always have to provide a valid email address. There are many options to transition from this situation, but just because it is everywhere, it’s hard to do that kind of massive job.

The second reason is that many companies rely on their data stored through emails. Some information certain companies have is worth a lot. They can use this information for marketing and many other things, it depends on the firm. If everyone used a different platform, all that data won’t be that expensive. Read more on this page.

One-to-many Conversations

The main goal of communication channels through history has been to provide a 1 to 1 conversation. Emails, and before that letters and phones have the same design. When it comes to your personal emails, it works just great. The ways of communication are now different, and the way people are addressing others is changing. A lot of conversations are between one a person towards many. You can clearly see this in the business world.

When you have to deal with an unsatisfied customer, it usually happens that you need to call your boss to fix the issue if you can’t. This can become complicated when there are more than a few issues. Maybe someone else could get the message at the same time and fix the problem. It takes a lot of time to pass the issue every time to some else.

This is when shared inboxes become very useful. When you get messages that might be passed to a few employees, you can use a platform where every one of them has the access to it. It is important that everything is well-organized, so when they receive an email, they know who needs to react.

Contacting the Right Person

You have to think about your clients and customers, so you can realize what needs to be improved. When you see that it isn’t that easy to get in contact with the company, you have to change that. They can do that through a website where they can have your contact, but that is usually a support service employee that works with one person at a time.

Even then, they might not have the right answer. When everything is placed in one spot, reaching you will be more efficient. When you know that the conversation is redirected to a person that is best for a certain situation, you know that job is going to be done the best it can be.

Working as a Team

A thing that can be frustrating is the lack of visibility when it comes to one-to-one conversations. You need to record every employee if you want to see if anyone is making a mistake. When you use a shared inbox, everyone can see how messages and content should be managed. Another benefit is when you want to hire a new team member. Click here to read more.

When you have a larger company, it is hard to adapt and get into the situation the company is in. When he has access to the conversations, it is much easier to learn and adapt. The members of your team will feel more involved. It is good to have someone when a bad situation comes along and helps you fix it.

Productivity and Responsiveness

With transparency comes better team efficiency and better team engagement. Everyone gains from the same level of information. It means that you practically have everyone knowing that it is going on in the company or in the team. In the end, your clients or customers will have better responses.

It depends on the employees, but usually, they will work better when they see someone else is doing their job correctly. This doesn’t work only for companies. When you are in college and you don’t want to skip some ongoing project, everyone can stay updated even if they are not at the college. The productivity will be higher, and decision making is better. Teamwork improves your problem-solving skills and boosts your confidence.

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Equal Work

For example, if you have a sales team and your team leader was in some kind of event where he gave his email to a bunch of people. He will have a lot of work to do if all of them have some questions. It would be much easier when people can access it easily and arrange the work so everyone can work equally. This way, you can track employee performance.

Everyone has its own personal touch when communicating with clients. But, that can be managed when sending a message to people outside of your company they will see who it is coming from. It depends on what you are trying to achieve, but if you want to have a platform from where you can monitor what your employees are doing, and manage them, you should research more about shared inboxes. But, don’t show that you are using it just because of monitoring, so the employees won’t feel pressured.